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the skin you stole from me

i haven't written poems in a while, and this was really helpful.
it's a little intense though...

lying engulfed in silence
youe fingers run down my back, through my hair, across my face
leaving bloody trails that say "shhh. it's just fine. you're my sweet little boy."
my eyes are closed and you say you want me; rewind to the beginning...
hands reach for my body under my clothes as you invade me
kissing me while i slip in and out of reality.
intoxicated love and eyes half closed as you whisper for me not to make a sound.
you un do my belt and i just drift away...
i'm lost in a world of abusive stepfathers and thirteen year old prostitutes raped and set on fire in alleys. i'm lost in a world of silence and tears. i'm lost in a world that you just keep pushing me further and further into hating myself, and wanting to tear my skin off.
"you're all mine little boy...
you're my sweet litte baby boy.
you're so fucking hot and adorable, and i can make you do whatever i want.
moan for me little boy. moan and squrim. you're fucking turning me on, yeah!
harder, faster, fuck me until you're crying. fuck me until you can't feel...
fuck me until your heart melts."
i'm lying on the bed helpless as you're smoking a cigarette outside.
the dirty sheets stain my body and make me hate it more.
i want out. i want out so bad i can taste it, and it doesn't taste like you.
down down, your slimy mouth drizzles to my cock and forces me to want it.
you get off on tormenting me, and i just layback silent with your hands pressed into my stomach.
my mouth is dry, and my heart is sore, but i can still beat you.
my mind aches and my body shivers, but i can still beat you.
i've cried so much i've run out of tears, and the pain is so intense, but i can still beat you.
i pulled your knife out little by little until i can breathe again.
and you can never return the skin you stole from me...
but i can still beat you.
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